Student Activities

  1. - Students exhibiting the prototype of DANAS AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), which is designed and built by them, at ELEX, an expo organised by KEL (Kerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Company Ltd.) at CIAL Trade Fair and Exhibition Center, Kochi. DANAS AUV turned out to be a crowd puller at the exhibition and the team secured prize in the best exhibit segment.

    [Mathrubhumi, dated 19th December, 2017]

  2. - Industrial Visit to Naval Science & Technological Laboratory (NSTL), Visakhapatnam - 17/08/2017 -As part of the course curriculum, our 5th semester students were taken to Hydrodynamics testing facilities at the Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) at Visakhapatnam. The students were exposed to towing tank, cavitation tunnel, sea-keeping maneuvering basin and wind tunnel facilities.

    Photo: Infront of Naval Science & Technological Laboratory

  3. - Our students with INS Kursura @ RK Beach, Vizag - 17/08/2017 -INS Kursura (S20) was a Kalvari-class diesel-electric submarine of the Indian Navy. She was India's fifth submarine. INS Kursura was commissioned on 18 December 1969 and was decommissioned on 27 February 2001 after 31 years of service. It was gifted to Andhra Pradesh by the Navy and the Ministry of Defence. It was thrown open to the public as a museum on the R.K. Beach here on August 24, 2002.

    Photo: Submarine that has been converted into a museum and is stationed on Vizag beach

  4. - Visit to Mahabalipuram - 10/08/2017 -Students visited Panch Rathas, Mandapams & enjoyed the ancient architectural works of Pallavas

  5. - M.V Kavaratti visit -Second semester students visit M.V Kavaratti on 5th April, 2017

  6. - Ship on Campus visit -Sixth Semester students visit the ?Ship on Campus? at Kunjali Marickar School of Marine Engineering on 5th April, 2017-04-2017

  7. - One Day Workshop on Ship Design -23rd February, 2017- Experts from the Industry delivered talks on a variety of topics:

    (a) Design of Solar Boats- Mr. Sandith Thandasserry, CEO, NAV ALT

    (b) Exploitation of MS Excel for Naval Architectural Works, Cdr. K.M Zachariah, Naval Architect

    (c) Concept Design of Ships- Mr. Hariraj P., General Manager, SEDS

    (d) Recession in the Shipping Industry- Opportunities & Challenges- Mr. Ajithkumar Sukumaran, Principal Officer, MMD ?Kochi.

  8. - Fugeniz 7 - Final Year NASB students build life size mock up of Pirate Ship inclusive of treasure chest and dungeon.

  9. - Fugeniz 7 - 3.- Second year students build mock up of frigate ship with navigation simulation in wheel house.

  10. Faculty Development Program on Advanced Ship Design Software- PARAMARINE Quinetiq in association with Conceptia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. , Bangalore from 19-12-2016 to 21-12.2016.

  11. Industry Interaction Programme - Project Management in the Offshore Industry - Interactive Session with Mr. Jolly Kurien, Project Manager, McDermott International. - 16th August 2016.

  12. Photo: 5th Semester Student Aakash Dass raising his query to Mr. Jolly Kurien during the interactive session.

    Mr. Jolly Kurien is a graduate Naval Architect from CUSAT and has vast experience encompassing fabrication, installation and project management in Upstream Offshore Oil & Gas projects across the globe. His talk touched upon topics like methodology, skill, planning, execution, monitoring, control and close out of projects.

  13. Industry Interaction Programme - Talk on Project Management by Jolly Kurian - 22nd August 2016.

  14. Industry Interaction programme - A talk on Jack-Up Rigs by Mr. Aashik Subahani, MD, Great Waters Maritime & Release of the Department Recruitment Manual 2016-2017 -12th August 16.

    Photo: (from left) Prof. Satheeshbabu P.K, Mr. Aashik Subahani, Dr. C.B Saji- Release of the Dept. Recruitment Manual 2016-17
  15. Mr. Aashik Subahani is the MD of Great Waters Maritime LLC, UAE. He is a Naval Architect from CUSAT with over 20 years of hands-on experience in design and project management in marine and offshore engineering. The talk spanned design and installation aspects of jack-up barges, jack-up rigs, jackets and otheroffshore structures, FPSOs etc. He also released the department recruitment manual 2017.

  16. Industrial Visit to NASB SNGCE @ Singapore 29.09.2016.

  17. Photo: HoD Prof. Satheeshbabu P.K with the students of the 7th Semester during their visit to Singapore shipyard. Seen at the backdrop is the power generation module of an FPSO.

    The final year students had their first exposure to international operations right at the hub of marine and offshore activities- Singapore. The three day visit was partly funded by the college and the students were guided by the HoD, NASB and included visits to places of work as well as places of fun. The students were back at campus and they claim that a few have resolved to return to the Lion City.

  18. Industrial Visit to Singapore and Indonesia October 2016.

  19. Industrial Visit to NASB SNGCE@ NSTL 12.07.2016 .

    Photo: The 5th Semester students infront of NSTL.
  20. As part of the course curriculum, the 5th semester students were taken to the Hydrodynamics testing facilities at the Naval Science and Technological Laboratory (NSTL) at Vishakapattanam. The students were exposed to towing tanks, cavitation tunnel, sea-keeping manoeuvring basin and wind tunnel facilities.

  21. Augmented Reality: Real-time Water Flow Simulation Project- 1st Prize FuGeniz? 6 Tech Fest - 19.02.2016 Photo: (from left) Rohit Manoj, Sai Rana (Team Lead), Jishnu Saji,Cijohn M. & Saima Jafar
  22. Keeping in line with the department tradition of bagging the gold during the college tech fest conducted as part of FUGENIz, this time too, the department project team with skipper Sai Rana and crew Jishnu Saji, Cijohn, Rohit Manoj and Saima Jafar won the first prize with their Augmented Reality- Water Flow Simulation for studying waterflow characteristics over landmass or around stationary objects. Made possible with the help of avant-garde graphics technology, the project is capable of simulating rainfall and rainwater flow pattern too.

  23. LNG CRUSADE @ FuGeniz?6-19.02.2016 Photo: Mock-Up of an LNG Carrier. Framing with scaffolding and plywood. Hull covering made of plastic sheets. The Lab Complex building is seen to the left.
  24. So what do we do when we can?t go see an LNG carrier in real? Well?we SNGCEians just make it. Yup that?s right!! And we make them BIG. Dwarfing the two storey Civil Engg lab complex building stood the mock up of the LNG carrier built by our Master Shipwrights in their 4th Semester, the installation was complete with a mock-up of a cargo tank and projected audio-visual tour of an actual LNG. Now, that?s called Team Work @ SNGCE

  25. DANAS AUV for SAVe 2017@ NIOT and then to the USA-20.01.2012 Photo: Prototype of the DANAS AUV Photo: The DANAS AUV Project team at NIOT. (from left) Joel Jacob, Gowtham Rajagopal, Rahul Nath, Ajay Sood, Sirosh Prakash
  26. Our students had submitted their project proposal to develop an AUV for competing with teams from premier institutes like IITs and NITs for the Student?s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (SAVe) competition and they got selected. They were invited to attend the kick off meeting held at the National Institute of Ocean Technology in January and currently the team is busy building their prototype. Funds poured in from the college management, industry and from faculty. Wishing the team a smooth dive through the national competition scheduled in December at IIT Madras and the finals at San Diego, USA in July, 2017.

  27. ICETEM?16- Recent Developments in Marine Technology-13.01.2016 Photo: Mr. Gowtham Rajagopal (Student, NASB) presents his paper during the proceedings of the ICETEM?16
  28. Keeping in line with tradition, ICETEM?16 saw interesting research work being presented. Both faculty as well as students of the department presented their works which were later published in the IOSR journals.

  29. Industrial Visit to Navy Ships, 21st November 2015 .

  30. Onam Celebrations August 2015.

  31. Technical talk on Role of Naval Architects in Oil and Gas Industry, 21 August 2015.

  32. Inauguration of Student Association DANAS and Industry Interaction programme - Technical talk on Global opportunities for Naval Architects, 20 August 2015.

  33. The first year students were taken on a faculty guided tour of the naval ships berthed at the Southern Naval Command, Cochin. Students gained an exposure to the basic terminology associated with naval vessels. Students were also able to appreciate the facets of life onboard such vessels by listening to first hand accounts from the guardian angels of our seas, 22nd November, 2014 .

  34. Members of Faculty and students of the third semester attend an international workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics jointly arranged by IIT Madras and RINA. The students got their first international even exposure and were able to comprehend the numerous possibilities that exist within the domain of CFD in Naval Architecture, 1st 2nd December, 2015.

  35. The third semester students were taken on a faculty guided tour of Cochin Shipyard Ltd. The students were introduced to the different stages of ship construction and were given an opportunity to appreciate the importance of detail design in ship construction. Students were also able to realize the importance of physical fitness in the life of a naval architect, 3rd December, 2014.
  36. 30th & 31st December, 2014- The 'Marine Technology' Stream of ICETEM'15 was co-ordinated by the department. Works by naval architects working across domains, both industrial and academia were presented at the conference. The department faculty contributed four research papers which were subsequently published in the International Journal of Manufacturing and Design Technology.

  37. The department, through its liaison with various industries in the marine sector arranged a week long internship for the promising students of the 3rd semester. The students were able to strengthen their domain knowledge through interactions with professionals during the internship programme, 2nd-9th January, 2015.

  38. 21st February, 2015- The department organized the conduct of a Student Technical Talk jointly with the Institution of Naval Architects-India. Students, both from SNGCE as well as from CUSAT were given a platform to interact with industry experts. Presentations on various topics related to naval architecture and shipbuilding were delivered by the s tudents of SNGCE.

  39. 27th-28th Feb, 2015- Students of the department won 1st and 3rd prizes in the technical exhibition held in association with FuGENIZ'15 at SNGCE. Many students won prizes in arts & cultural events. The 'Maze Runner' game designed and installed by the 3rd semester students of the department was a crowd puller.

  40. 17th March, 2015- Prof. (Dr.) P. Krishnankutty delivered a talk on the various opportunities existing for the students of Naval Architecture to pursue their higher studies and research at the department of Ocean Engineering at IIT Madras. He also presented numerous slides on the R&D works currently being carried out at IIT-M and encouraged the students to take up a career in academics & research.

  41. 31st March, 2015- Dr. Leif Broberg of CEO of Flowtech, Sweden delivered a lecture on the importance of CFD in naval architecture. He also demonstrated the application of software to solve design problems in ship hydrodynamics. Students & Faculty were given an opportunity to update themselves on the various software capabilities at their disposal.

  42. 17th April, 2015- The inaugural function of the Kochi branch of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, London, was held at SNGCE. Mr. Trevor Blakely, CEO, RINA attended the ceremony and various industry experts presented their views on the academic requirements demanded by the industry. A lively conversation with many suggestions of how to further the industry-academia interaction ensued during the course of the function which was then topped up by a sumptuous lunch.