SNGCE MCM Scholarship

The SNGCE management introduce a scholarship namely "SNGCE MCM Scholarship" to meritorious B.Tech (S1 & S2) students including Lateral Entry (S3) belong to Ezhava Community from the academic year 2012-13.
The application form can be obtained from the reception. MCM Regulation 

Student Council

Democratic functioning of social institutions is a must for building trust and winning confidence of stakeholders of any institution. The student's council is formed with an aim to enhance communication between students, management and staff and to promote an environment conducive to educational and personal development. The student's union organizes various activities mainly games and sports, debate and technical and cultural events among the students. It also undertakes the responsibility of bringing out the annual college magazine - 'Gurukulam Voice'.

Arts Club

Talents are the edifice of each institution, displaying them plays a vital role from within. With an aim to promote interest in arts and literature, the arts club functions under the auspices of the college council. The stage for the exposure of hidden talents, the college arts festival - 'Arangu' is organized every year. The students are encouraged to take part in University youth festival and other inter-collegiate competitions.

Sports Club

The college strikes a balance between the axioms "Knowledge is power" and "Health is wealth". The college promotes sports and games, as it offers the individual an opportunity to enhance self knowledge, expression, personal development, courage and social interaction. To develop team spirit, leadership qualities and organizing abilities among students, sports & games meets are organized regularly in the college. The students of all departments are given an opportunity to participate and prove their talents.


Empathy is an essential quality for a professional. The concern for people around us can be inculcated among students only if the campus offers opportunity to establish meaningful linkages with the local community. The NSS unit of our college plays an active role in shaping our students into humane and responsible citizens.

Entrepreneurship Development Club

Entrepreneurship club was established to inculcate entrepreneurial culture among students and produce self made individuals out of them. The institution has tied up with Kerala institute of entrepreneurship development to nurture dormant entrepreneurial talents of students.


Networking plays a key role in the success of a professional. IEEE branch at SNGCE has been operating from 2005 onwards and it provides an ideal forum for students to network with professionals all over the world and share learning resources with them. Student's branch offers IEEE eLearning Library, for self-paced learning of all students.IEEE members in this branch are encouraging traditional university-based engineering educators to think about engineering education's role in the new economy. The student's branch is dedicated to conduct educational and public-information programs, workshops that facilitate the exchange of electronic information, increase public awareness about the vast impact of engineering on society. Our student branch provides learning opportunities for the students within the engineering sciences, research and technology.


ISTE student's chapter of SNGCE was inaugurated on 29 September 2004. The ISTE student's chapter plays a key role in creating technical fervor among our students.


ISHRAE provides opportunity for students to interact in the area of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning. They provide education in these fields by conducting training programmes, workshops, seminars and also render career guidance and financial assistance to students. It is to be noted that we are the pioneers to establish a student's chapter of ISHRAE in Kerala.

Student Monitoring System

With an aim to give personalized attention and support to the students throughout their academic career, a group of 30 students are placed under the personal supervision of a faculty tutor, who keeps complete record of the student progress. The group tutor looks after the student as a mentor, clarifies individual problems and makes a thorough analysis of every student's learning on the basis of his/ her performance.

Counselling Cell

The counseling cell is a unique feature of the college. It is organized to help students overcome the pressures of competition and of life in general and to meet challenges with confidence, courage and integrity. It gives a platform to the students to open up regarding different problems they might be facing academically and personally. The cell is headed by a trained faculty-in-charge.

Research And Consultancy Cell

The cell provides design and consultancy services to various industries including testing of materials, preparation of project reports, design and development of products etc.

Industry Institute Partnership Cell

The cell maintains continuous interaction with various industrial organizations for arranging invited talks on emerging technologies, industrial visits and executive development programmes.

Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent Teachers Association plays a key role in the developmental activities and welfare of the stake holders. We appreciate the fact that there is no common solution for differing problems of students from varied backgrounds. Hence we try to have as much coordination as possible with the parents of our students, so that we can understand and appreciate the behavioural responses of our students in class and in the campus. Regular meetings are organized and parents are invited to attend the meetings, thus providing a forum for expressing the views of the parents. PTA executive committee, comprising of selected members of parents, teachers and management, takes the initiative in PTA activities. An effective parent-teacher association makes our campus trouble free.